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Ramadan is here again

Ramadan is here   again , today is the first day of this blessed month. Ramadan is like a magic tree of life , like a tree who comes back blooming each year  to bring to its people  joy and happiness , blessings and good deeds so the people can reach much closer to the Creator of the tree itself.  Take advantage of the shadow of the tree , take advantage of its flowers and its smell. This tree blooms  for us just one time by year by the grace of Allah subhanahu wa-ta’ala . Now the gates of Jannah are opened and the Hell ones are closed and Sheitan is in chains . What a great gift given to us by Allah subhanahu wa-ta’ala  to clean ourself , to become closer to the Creator , to be thoughtful with the one next to us , to give to the poor a piece of bread .Take advantage of the tree gift , there is no excuse to not be good and walk straight on the path . Clear your thoughts and open your heart and let the magic of the tree spread  its sparkles over you. Let the magic to flourish  the leaves of tree with each one of your prayer . Let the leaves grow plenty  on the tree cause by the end your leaves from the tree will fall on the ground , will be taken and be placed on your Heavenly Book . So let the tree do its magic over you and have a really great blessed Ramadan month !


One thought on “Ramadan is here again

  1. Foarte frumos Khadijah! Sper ca la anul sa fiu si eu in Egypt de Ramadan, alaturi de viitorul meu sot, familia lui si sa dea Dumnezeu, alaturi si de tine!


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