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E. Abdrabou Turkey Farms – Turkey supplier in Cairo

E. Abdrabou Turkey Farms


E. Abdrabou Turkey Farms is one of the largest turkey farms in Egypt, breeding 250000 per year and the main supplier for Carrefour, Halwany Ekhwan, Dina Farms and Ragab Sons. Their locations are in 6th of October Green zone in front of Beverly Hills and 2nd location in Cairo Alexandria desert Road KM 64, Cairo. With a perfect quality and taste the farm offer you both fresh and frozen turkey. For orders and deliveries you can access the telephone number 01092804869 from 8 am – 8 pm or by e-mail at .  You can stay in touch with the farm news through Facebook official page   . The page is updated daily with the latest offers or delicious recipes and advices. Please take note that in area 6 October, Cairo-Alex Desert Road and Sheikh Zayed City the delivery is free of charge.

Interesting updates and useful information from the farm.                                         

Fresh turkey may be stored up to 2 days in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Freeze no longer than two months. (That goes for chicken too).

On their Facebook page you can find also recipe like this one  . An easy recipe for roast turkey!

So if you are searching for a trustworthy supplier just call E. Abdrabou Turkey Farms and you will have the most healthy and scrumptious turkey right on your table ! 


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